Mud, sunshine and buffalo

This morning I set off for an early(ish) 12 mile run.  Having spent at least an hour last night pouring over the OS Explorer map (which I recently bought to help me plan my trail runs so as to avoid angry farmers with shotguns) and deciding upon  a route I promptly decided to …. go a completely different way. 

One of the things I love about trail running is the feeling of freedom and the ability to head off in new directions just to see what’s out there.  So I headed up and through the forest in a direction I’d never been before and had a marvellous time. On this out and back 12 miler I ran up hills (well, a few inclines anyway), met some buffalo, ran through lots of mud and had a ball. Looking at my Garmin stats afterwards I managed to maintain a fairly steady pace and I’m feeling great as I write this.

This morning’s run was a truly glorious long run, with the sun shining,  through the forest. I’m enjoying the journey as #projectultra progresses and although I was dreading the prospect of back to back long runs at the weekend before I began my training it’s these I look forward to every week.

I also used my ICE tag for the first time. I’m acutely aware that I’m running alone in remote places on most of my long runs and these are such a simple but effective solution to the dilemma we face: What happens if I injure myself/fall over/or worse? How will people know who I am? At least now I feel like I’m being a little more responsible as I charge through the muddy puddles on a long run…

Photo0304 Photo0302 Photo0301 Photo0300 Photo0298 Photo0305 Photo0299 Photo0294


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