Making progress

Today I ran the Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon for the second time. Last year it was my first attempt at the distance – my longest run ever at that time – and I completed it in just under 2 hours. This year I ran it with a friend (his half marathon debut) and was pleased with a finishing time of 2:06:34.

Why was I pleased with a slower time? Well, this time last year I was running 4 times a week and had a rest day prior to the half marathon. This year, as I build towards the NDW50 in May, I’m running 5 times per week. I ran 9 hilly miles yesterday followed by a half marathon today. Although I ran slower than last year it was a training run and I was disciplined enough not to push too hard and risk disrupting my training but managed to maintain a steady pace and complete the race in what I consider to be a respectable finishing time.

12 months ago I could run 13.1 miles but couldn’t have run it the day after a 9 mile run. I am moving forward, feeling good and determined to complete my first ultra marathon. It’s just dawned on me that the NDW50 is 3 months from tomorrow and I’m enjoying the journey.


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