28 miles later

Yesterday I went for a run at 5am. My longest run ever.

Having missed a couple of training runs this week due to work and family commitments I was feeling a little down and worried about undoing some of the progress I’ve made during #projectultra.  I’m aware that training plans are only a framework and should be adaptable – the plan I’ve put together is a combination of two ultra plans I found in my research – but I like the reassurance provided by following a plan.

Anyhow, this week’s longest run on the plan was scheduled to be 26 miles. Having completed the Portsmouth Coastal Marathon solo on Boxing Day last year (my second marathon to date) I knew I could do it. However, the longest training run of the #projectultra plan is in 2 weeks from now, a 31 miler. Before I left for this run I’d decided to push the run up to 28 miles so 31 doesn’t seem such a stretch.

I ran, walked, kept a fairly steady pace until the last few miles (the shuffle stage) but I did it.

28 miles in the bag.

Even better, I felt like I could have gone on further. Which is a great feeling.

I’m going to do this. The North Downs Way 50 will be tough but I believe that I will finish and within the 13.5 hour cut off.

Belief is everything.

Envisage. Endure. Enjoy.

I will.


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