My first ultramarathon – volunteering at South Downs Way 50

Yesterday I volunteered for SDW50 at Housedean Farm aid station. I wanted to give something back as a thank you for all the support, advice and encouragement I’ve received from the ultra running community since I embarked upon my own #projectultra.

It was a foul day, with heavy rain making conditions very tough for the runners. Luckily for them (and me) this was an indoor aid station, inside a barn. This provided the runners with a brief respite from the weather and we did our best to welcome them all – from the first man in to the last runner – with a smile and good cheer.

All the runners seemed to appreciate that. Even those who decided to pull out of the event, some after a great deal of soul searching and despite our best efforts to encourage them to “Keep on keeping on”.

I felt privileged to play a small part in making the run a little more comfortable for the runners. Above all I felt humbled in front of all these people taking on such a challenge. Taking ultra running with experienced and new ultra runners was a fantastic experience. It was great to meet runners I’ve been following and talking with on Twitter and after the event I have some new ultra runners to follow.

Well done all who took part in SDW50. Thanks to you all for showing me what’s required to run an ultra marathon. I’m looking forward to
NDW50 even more now.


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