Lucky 13


I entered the North Downs Way 50 for May 2014 yesterday.

You can imagine my “delight” when I saw I was allocated number 13…..

Thankfully, I’m not superstitious (or at least not as much as when I was younger) so this holds no fear for me.

I laid down the metaphorical gauntlett yesterday when asked how NDW50 went this year when I responded that I was delighted to finish in under 12 hours and that I am aiming for sub 11 hours in 2014.

My running buddy Phil (@BigPhil137) immediately asked if I was serious as he’s running it with me and making his ultra marathon debut. Am I? Can I?

Destiny may be calling.

Maybe its fate that I am number 13.

Being a bit of a stats geek – like many a runner – I’ve worked out that if I run the NDW50 at an average pace of 13 minutes per mile then I’ll finish in 10 hours 50 minutes. Sub 11.

So my goal over the next 10 months is to work on average pace. This morning’s slightly hilly trail run of 14 miles was done with an average pace of 11 minutes per mile.

I’m getting there.


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