Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

2 weeks into Maffetone Method heart rate based training.


Observations so far:

– Going slow requires patience, and lots of it
– Recovery after runs (especially long runs) seems to be quicker than before
– No aches and pains from lack of stretching so warm up and cool down is working
– It’s very hard to increase your heart rate gradually during warm up, harder to reduce in cool down
– Surprised that overall pace on long runs is similar to long runs prior to change in approach
– Running to heart rate on trails has meant lots of stopping and starting as it’s easy to go too quickly
– It’s tough to run without looking at pace when you’ve done so for so long but refreshing too

On balance, I’m enjoying it and playing the long game.

Hopefully the endurance base building phase (supposedly 8 weeks) will mean my pace increases over time. Clarendon Marathon on 6 October will be a test of this.

Time is on my side.


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