Feeling good

22 miles today. Over 2300 feet of elevation gain. Yet another enjoyable trail run with my weekend running buddy Phil (@BigPhil137). With a difference.

No horse chasing us through a field – that was last week.

No getting lost half way through and running around in circles – that was last week too.

LESS stop-start running as heart rate goes out of control as I get carried away enjoying my run.

MORE steady running at a comfortable pace, for longer, as I learn to control my pace and stay within the heart rate zone I’ve established via the Maffetone Method training plan.

Despite a malfunction of my Garmin HR monitor in the second half of this morning’s run (see below) and being unable to use it to check my heart rate and adjust my pace accordingly I had a great, great run. I’m beginning to see the benefit of the aerobic (slow) training and it certainly feels like I’m speeding up and can run faster at the same heart rate. Which is the goal.

Having to run the second half by feel today, hoping I was in or around the target HR zone, was a text of my ability to read my own body and what I’ve learned so far. It also gave me confidence that 5 weeks from now I’ll be able to maintain a steady, decent pace at the Clarendon Marathon and may even come in at under 5 hours, which would not only be nice but a marathon PB.

Bring on this week’s MAF (Maximum Aerobic Function) test to see the progress I’ve made in my aerobic running pace in the last 4 weeks.

Things are looking up.



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