One step at a time

Second day in a row I’ve been out for a walk. Great to get out after being stuck in the house for 7 days since my operation, but tiring. I was quite down yesterday that I felt so breathless after walking (or shuffling) only a few hundred yards. However, I managed to walk twice as far as yesterday. Things are improving, slowly.


Having run a hilly trail marathon only a month ago it is difficult to reconcile that with struggling to walk more than a mile. Yet I know it’ll come. I don’t anticipate running for another couple of weeks but if I can keep up the walking it’ll help. I’ll be back.

Pace yourself

My racing philosophy changed with the NDW50. In my first marathons I made the mistake Yoda shares below, blew up after half way and struggled to the finish.

In my first and only ultramarathon to date I ran without a Garmin to guide my pace and instead ran on feel. I wanted to keep an even pace and avoid tailing off later in the run. This worked fairly well for me. Yoda is wise.


I guess the lesson for me now is to be mindful of this as I begin running again in a few weeks after recovering from my recent operation. Time is on my side.