So this is sky running

Last year we holidayed in Tenerife and I discovered the joys of running up and down Mt Chayofita, reflecting upon my progress so far in the original #projectultra and looking ahead to my first attempt to run more than 26.2 miles as the North Downs Way 50 approached.

This year we returned to Tenerife and I had my eye on the much taller and more challenging Mt Guaza.

My first two attempts were not very successful. I got lost. Twice. I also took time to look back upon my progress in training for the 2014 NDW50:

Frustrated by these aborted attempts to get up Mt Guaza I tried again and succeeded – well, I almost reached the top – at the third attempt. I may not have reached the top but I took a tough route and loved it. Sky running guys, I salute you. It’s brutal but fun.

There’s always next year to get all the way to the top – and we will be back – and I’m just pleased that I want to take on such challenges. For fun. While on a holiday in the sun.


Bring on NDW50. I’m (almost) ready….


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