Playing it sensible, Tenerife style

I’ve just returned from 11 days with my wife and son on holiday in Tenerife. This was the 6th time we have stayed at this hotel (every Easter holiday from 2011 to 2016) and it has become my annual pre-race warm weather training camp. I love the hills here, especially Mt Guaza. My training for the London Marathon (24 April) and North Downs Way 50 (14 May) has not gone as well as hoped, as I explain in the video below:

[Note: sorry for the shaky camera and I meant the Autumn 100 not Autumn 24!]

I played it sensible as I have been troubled by niggles in my right shin and right knee of late and where I had planned to run up Mt Guaza three times, do some Mt Chayofita hill reps and then some coastal running I ended up doing five runs, with one up Mt Guaza and one set of Mt Chayofita hill reps. I love these hills.

[Mt Chayofita hill reps]

[Mt Chayofita hill reps – Roque del Conde in the background]

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[Mt Chayofita hill reps – Mt Guaza in the background]

Now I have my sights set on running up the much higher Roque del Conde next year. I have not quite managed to find the way (by foot) from Los Christianos to Arona, where the path to Roque del Conde begins. I will though. Roque del Conde, I’m coming to get you in 2017!

[Roque del Conde – with our hotel in the foreground; view from the side of our hotel]


[Roque del Conde – view from the edge of Los Christianos]

As for my 2016 goals, I still have a chance of hitting the target of a sub-4 hour marathon in London. NDW50 is another matter but I’m focusing on London for now.

After all, surely a few runs, more than a few cocktails every night and 3 course breakfast, lunch and dinner plus pool side snacks every day for 11 days is perfect race preparation? At least I have more fat available to burn for energy now…..Oh, and I won the bingo two nights running in the hotel and got my son and myself a caricature from a local artist as a result. Looking strong there and hope I run that well in the last few miles of the London Marathon!

gc charciture