Janathon is no more

Day 9. Not done. 

I had planned to go out for another run tonight but I have something important I need to spend my time on this evening. I’m also aware that after 8 consecutive days of running it would be wise to give my legs a rest to avoid overdoing it and minimise injury risk. I don’t want a repeat of last year’s injury problems. 

I plan to continue to run consistently as I rebuild my aerobic base and fitness gradually and will be back out tomorrow. Consistent running is key and so is not getting injured. 

I’ve got my running mojo back thanks to my Janathon journey so far and this is yet the start. Onwards.


Janathon Day 7

One week done. 7 consecutive days of running. I can feel my fitness coming back, albeit gradually, as my heart rate based training continues. I’ve been careful not to overdo the mileage as I’ve only been back running regularly for 3 weeks but I must confess that I’m quite enjoying this. It was good to be back on the trails this morning as well. Muddy, a bit slippery, and wet but much more fun than roads.