Janathon Day 6

Round and round in circles. Laps of the local roads tonight in the rain. I enjoyed that.


Janathon Day 1

So I’ve decided to have a crack at #janathon this year. The aim is to run, walk, cycle or exercise every day in January. I’m going for a minimum of 30 minutes but hoping to run for 60-90 minutes at least 3 times a week during January 2017. Let’s see how I get on. New Years Day was a good start. As I’m currently rebuilding my aerobic base and running within strict heart rate limits (130bpm maximum) I’m currently very, very slow. Guess I can only get faster!

2017: No projects, just running

Day 1 of 2017. Time for a short vlog post. Reckon I summed up my plans for 2017 quite well in less than a minute.

Short version: Run. Smile. Repeat.

I look  shattered in the video even though I had slept for 9 hours and went to bed at 10pm on New Years Eve!