Janathon Day 7

One week done. 7 consecutive days of running. I can feel my fitness coming back, albeit gradually, as my heart rate based training continues. I’ve been careful not to overdo the mileage as I’ve only been back running regularly for 3 weeks but I must confess that I’m quite enjoying this. It was good to be back on the trails this morning as well. Muddy, a bit slippery, and wet but much more fun than roads.


Janathon Day 6

Round and round in circles. Laps of the local roads tonight in the rain. I enjoyed that.

Janathon Day 1

So I’ve decided to have a crack at #janathon this year. The aim is to run, walk, cycle or exercise every day in January. I’m going for a minimum of 30 minutes but hoping to run for 60-90 minutes at least 3 times a week during January 2017. Let’s see how I get on. New Years Day was a good start. As I’m currently rebuilding my aerobic base and running within strict heart rate limits (130bpm maximum) I’m currently very, very slow. Guess I can only get faster!